Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Thing

Pick the month you were born:
January-------I kicked
February------I loved
March--------I karate chopped
April----------I licked
May----------I jumped on
June----------I smelled
July-----------I did the Macarena With
August--------I had lunch with
September----I danced with
October-------I sang to
November-----I yelled at
December-----I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1-------a birdbath
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a snowman
6-------a gangster
7-------my mobile phone
8-------my dog
9-------my best friends' boyfriend
10-------my neighbor
11-------my science teacher
12-------a banana
13-------a fireman
14-------a stuffed animal
15-------a goat
16-------a pickle
17-------your mom
18-------a spoon
19------ - a smurf
20-------a baseball bat
21-------a ninja
22-------Chuck Norris
23-------a noodle
24-------a squirrel
25-------a football player
26-------my sister
27-------my brother
28-------an iPod
29-------a surfer
30-------a homeless guy
31-------a llama

What is the last number of the year you were born:
1--------- In my car
2 --------- On your car
3 ----------- In a hole
4 ----------- Under your bed
5 ----------- Riding a Motorcycle
6 --------- sliding down a hill
7 --------- in an elevator
8---------- at the dinner=2 0table
9 -------- In line at the bank
0 -------- in your bathroom

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:
White---------because I'm cool like that.
Black---------because that's how I roll.
Pink-----------because I'm NOT crazy.
Red-----------because the voices told me to.
Blue-----------because I'm sexy and I do what I want.
Green---------because I think I need some serious help.
Purple---------because I'm AWESOME!
Gray----------because Big Bird said to and he's my leader.
Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars.
Orange--------because my family thinks I'm stupid anyway.
Brown---------because I can.
Other----------because I'm a Ninja!
None----------because I can't control myself!

I danced with a phone on your car because I think I need some serious help.

Spring Break

Wow, I have never been more ready for spring break in my life. This week I'm going to catch up on sleep and go sking with my family and the Richards. Yes, I know what your thinking how can such a clumsy person like me ski. Well I just so happen to love skiing ( its the only sport I'm really good at). One reason that I love skiing is that your losing weight ha ha but the other thing is the chair lift. The chair left is a place were you can just talk to the person your with and sometimes laugh at the other skiers who fall flat on their faces. Well in all this to say my perfect spring break would be to go skiing in Cananda with my famiy and the Richards, but we all know thats a big fat chance.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Human Interest

I have always been interested in the Civil War and most of all the women that took part in this war, so here are some stories of American Women.

When Marian Green's boyfriend enlisted in the 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics regiment in fall of 1861, she saw him off to war in December. Unable to bear being away from him, she arranged with a certain surgeon to enlist in a detachment recruited for the regiment and, in summer 1862, joined the regiment along with many other new recruits. (One suspects this sort of "arrangement" may have happened more than once.)

That fall the boyfriend was taken ill and he was sent to hospital. A couple of days later Green showed up at his bedside, remaining for months to nurse him and other patients. She had kept her sex a secret as a soldier in the regiment, but the boy wrote to her parents informing them of her presence and the parents arranged for her return home. Later when a portion of the regiment returned to Detroit for discharge, Marian met her boyfriend there and they were married.

As in the case of Mary and Molly Bell, the officers sometimes knew that one of their soldiers was a woman, but let them continue in service. "Charles H. Williams," a woman whose real name is not known, served three months in Company I of an early Iowa regiment. She was discovered when mustered out with the regiment.

She was described in newspaper reports as having small and rather delicate hands, large and lustrous eyes, and jet black hair. "She was born in Davenport where her mother now resides," the newspaper said. "Capt. Cox learned her sex but allowed her to remain."

Some women went out of the way to practice acting "masculine" in order to conceal their gender. Loreta Janeta Velazquez wore a false mustache and practiced a swagger. She also wore a chain-metal corset-like affair to disguise her form. In her memoirs she reports ruefully that her specially designed outfit kept getting "out of order" and she was frequently stopped and questioned.

Once while in jail in Lynchburg, Virginia, under suspicion of being a woman, she propped her feet up on a windowsill, turned her head and spat just as some unfriendly visitors arrived at her jail cell, in order to convince them she was not a woman.

Mrs. Frances Clayton allegedly served in a Minnesota regiment along with her husband. According to contemporary newspaper reports "the better to conceal her sex, she learned to drink, smoke, chew, and swear with the best, or worst, of the soldiers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alphabet Story

Alph, was a young boy who was  very callow and  extremely curious. 

Because of his curisosity he would soon find  him self in trouble. Cole, was one of  Alph's best friends but unlike alph,

Cole was very timid and his hazel eyes would never look directly at you. 

Duck, shouted Alph as a big stick slung just a inch away from Cole's head. 
"Eeeeeeee... ugh.... quit throwing stuff at me, and maybe you should grow up."

"Fooey on you!"

"Gosh Cole all you do is complain and it usally gets me in trouble. "

Huff and puff  all you want, but you will never learn to grow up ALPH. 

 I hope your happy Cole you just made my heart rate go up. 

  "Just shut up it just so happens that you don't even know what that is means grumbled Cole .  

"Keep it up", growled Alph and then his words suddenly stopped. 

Look he motion his hand towards the Lake and there sat a golden duck. 

 "Oh no "  thought Cole. 

Move commanded Alph.

No, you don't, it's not safe wispered Cole with worried eyes.

"Please, I like a little challange!!!

" Quit... stop  don't  do it. "

Respect me, he said as he was already in the lake  half way to the golden duck.

Suddenly the wind picked up, and before Cole knew it Alph was under the water.

To detain himself Cole from doing something stupefied he tought slowly before he made his decision. 

Unlike Alph, Cole chould swim very well so he jumped in and started to paddle to the head that keep bobbing on top of the water. 

The Vision of his friend drowning keep running threw his head, and he was growing very vertigo as he keep swimming farther and farther out onto the lake.

Waves from the wind started to grow more fierce but he finlly had reached Alph so he grabbed him and struggled to swim back to shore.

Exasted they lay there but  when they got the strength to move they hugged each other, each knowing this was Alph's  1st lesson well learned.

You saved me Alph said as he pranced around  Cole and thats when Cole relized that this was an amazing  friendship.

Zip Zoom Buzz was all Cole Jr.  heard as he slowly fell asleep to his father telling about his childhood stories. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Dogs Life

 My life has been nothing but wonderful, I guess you could say that I was King of the dog pile. I live in the quaint town called Childress. My family consest of A big man with a smile on his face named Greg, next came his petite wife Kim, and last was their little girl with this curly blonde hair that would stick out in every way possible. She happen to be my favorit she was about 7 or so. Oh and my other family member was patches. He was well not what you would call masculine.
My Life though was soon about to change and this story would never be forgotten. Kim had left the gate open and my unmanly friend Patches,  said that it would be fun if we went threw the forbidden gate. I knew it was wrong but it did sound fun. Patches keep begging and begging and soon the peer pressure was to much for this young K-nine and I gave in. Being outside of the gate was amazing but I did feel bad because I knew deep inside my family wouldn't  like this. We walked around town for quit a bit then all of a sudden Patches was out of sight. I ran in a circle, I ran down the block and around the corner. He was now were to be found. Then it sank in " I was lost."So I did the only thing I could do but to keep walking and hoping that Patches would try to help my family find me. Soon the hours became days and the days became weeks. I knew that I had disapointed my family. My paws hurt I would have to rest often because they would bleed. My once pretty collie hair was know tangled and matted. " Oh what have I done " I thought to my self. 
Menwhile unknown to me my family was looking for me everyday they would go out and call my name. They called the vet put adds in the paper but they chould never find me. One night after the weeks turned to months my family gave up except one person. My frizzy haired friend Bergan. On one sad night her parnents knew that she needed to know that I wasn't coming home again. Kim tucked her in bed and kissed her head and said "honey I need to tell you something Blue isn't coming home." She started blankly back at her and said "Mommy I have prayed every  night since he left and I Know that God will bring him back to us." Kim slowly got up and walked out the door.

I had walk apoun hundreds and hundreds of miles. My paws hurt I would have to stop often because they would bleed.  My once When I could walk no longer I collasped on the porch of a random house. The cold concrett felt cool against my skin. My eyes were growing heavy and then before I knew it I was slowly slipping into a deep deep sleep.
When I awoke I was inside the house. There was a bowl of water and food. I limped over to eat and ate. The food was wonderful and the water just hit the spot but the only thing that came to my mind was this... this wasn't my food, this wasn't my house . All I really wanted to was to be loved my family that I had disappointed. In the next room I heard a man on the phone . Then I heard a click of the phone and I knew the conversation was over. He slowly walked into the room and held out his hand for me to get his scent. He seemed nice and his scent wasn't half bad either. He bent down so his head was next to mine and whispered soft and low "your going home boy, your going home". My head tilted to the left had I heard him right or was I going crazy.

Meanwhile at the Buckley house the phone rang usually everyone would sprint thinking it was a call about their lost compain. Kim slowly got up the phone was on its 3 ring then shock crossed her face never in her life will she be so surprised about she had just herd. There was a man on the phone who said he had our Blue Mearl Collie had he had walked all the way to Mangum Oklahoma. Kim made agraments for me to get bathed and groomed.

The sweet old man to me to a place were I was Bathed and groomed. Then all of a sudden the door flew open and there was my family . Bergan ran to me and bent eye level and just stared not knowing if it was really me. Then she flung her arms around me and gave me a hung "oh how I missed her hugs" , but wait there was one member of my family that wasn't here. Where was Greg? I ran all around the room hoping to find him but he was no were to be seen. Kim Shoved me in the back seat with Patches. It was even good to see him even though he was the case of al this. The drive home was long and I rested my head on Bergan's lap when I awoke we were in the down town of Childress right next to Greg's office. Then Kim tied a red bow on me. Thats when I relized that this was a surprise they hadn't told Greg they found me; I mean after all I was his dog. 
As soon as the door opened to his office I ran threw. My heart was racing, my tail was wagging and thats when I spotted him, my master. His head was bent over his evening case he had just gotten. I let out a loud bark that came from within one that said Im home and I missed you. He slowly raised his head not wanting to get his hopes up and there I sat with my head tilted to the side as if to say "hey buddy long time no see". He sprinted over to me and hugged me tight.It was good to be home  very, very, good.
Well thats my story. A story about how god works in weird ways, a story about how love and faith will always come 
trough, a story about a lesson well learned. Oh and not to mention a cute dog.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Leason in Giving than Getting

Christmas, wow I love the ring of that. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday every since I was little bitty. My Dad goes all out for Christmas and buys gifts all year around for this very special day. However I have a fond memory about a certain Christmas that was about 3 years ago. Were I learned that giving was greater than receiving. Janet Word had called my mom and said that the elementary school is giving 5 families $500 to shop for a needy family in our town. My mom explained and told what was going on and who our family was. I also learned that there was a girl in my grade that was part of this family. My mother and I took our car to Amarillo and went to Target to find gifts to make their Christmas the best it could be. I took special pride in picking out things for each person, and picturing how they would react when they open the gifts. After each member in the family had a couple of gifts of their own we headed back to Childress. Christmas Eve came and it was time to load up all the gifts and take it to our family. My dad had dressed up in a Santa Clause suit and was going to hand out the gifts. We pulled up to the small whited chipped house that was leaned to the side and dropped off my dad. Then pull up along side of another house to watch threw the warm golden window. It happened to be one of the sweetest most saddest thing I have ever witnessed as all these little girls are running up to my dad with warm sparkling eyes to see what dear old saint nick had brought them. After my dad was done he jogged back to the car and turned to my mother and I and he told us what all they had to said to him. He said that the littlest girl looked at him and whispered in a soft milotone voice " I love you Santa". As these words crossed threw my mind I realized that giving was much better than receiving.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Small Town Life

I really didn't know what to wright about and then it came to me. I should wright about the only thing I know and enjoy, it's my small town life. My friends are always talking about how they can't wait to get out of this town, but I disagree I want to go to college and move back. Have you ever seen the Andy Griffith Show? That is exactly what comes to my mind when I think of Childress Texas. This town has so many charters in it. Everyone knows everyone and someone is always smiling or waving at you and sometimes that change your whole outlook on that day. In all this to say I'm thankful for my little Texas town.